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the day when I was enjoying my Nespresso latte with the spring view of Edinburgh

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I am…

Around 1.21% of the population have been confirmed for Coronavirus (Source: Worldmeters).

Elon Musk tweeted about getting 2 negative and 2 positive results and wondered if he got infected by coronavirus. In order to solve the puzzle, I want to ask him about the accuracy rate and sensitivity of the test his clinic claimed to the patients.

If you understand the Bayesian Probability model, you might know 99% accuracy rate of a test does not tell us how effective the tests catching infected sick patients. …

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash

Congratulations you have an offer!

Now it’s time to understand the labor market. You have a very limited resource to access the data of the total compensation on the internet. You don’t know the baseline.

Google knows your pains and ranks the compensation negotiation consulting companies on the top. It keeps reminding you of their existence every day. You feel hopeless because you have never negotiated an offer before. You decide to pay some consulting companies to improve your negotiation skills and allow them to take certain % of your offer. …

I am impressed by Netflix’s marketing campaign and content strategy.

With 16% unemployment rate in women in the US in March 2020 and continuing >10% until August 2020, the TV show The Queen’s Gambit gave the audience a dose of Xanax for their anxiety in struggling for equal success among two genders.Before the pandemic, there was no difference in unemployment rate men and women at legal work age.

The show was released in October 2020 during the pandemic when the unemployment rate of women was consistently 20% higher than men for 6 months in the US .

The pandemic hit…

I compared the valuation between the popular new unicorns and some traditional corporations based on Yahoo Finance 20201/01/03.

The new unicorns valuation is extremely overpriced compared to traditional American corporations providing similar services while they lost millions of dollars.

Some people might argue that the reasons why the grow stocks price are riding the rocket to the moon because the US market with low interest rate tolerates the net loss of the growing business and expects the rewards from the grow stocks after 10 years.

What if the grow stocks keep losing money in the next 10 to 30 years…

Data science is a luxury function in most of the small to medium size company (fewer than 10,000 employees). The job title Data Scientist seems more sexy than Data Analyst. Is Data Scientist just a re-branded job function for the new opportunities for tech industries and online courses?

It attracts thousands of talents with Phd degrees and experienced consultants to enter the field since 2013.

Data source from Google here

Some observations I had so far:

Recently I watched the Neflix show The Social Dilema and started reflecting the annual family dinner with my grandparents, 10 cousins and 10 nephews/nieces over Christmas Eve. There’s no doubt that the daughter of my elder cousin from my mother’s side is our favorite among all of them over the years. She’s very different from other kids.

It’s not because she’s the youngest of four students from her elementary school who got selected to the city chorus team.

In this modern world, 50% of 11-years-old own a cell phone according to Harvard Business Review.

After being a digital nomad for 1 year, I have 4 reasons not to do it again. A digital nomad is more suited to people who are working as an artist, a writer, a photographer, or a YouTuber. If your job is very technical, for example, analysts or engineers, which requires long hours of concentration on debugging and diving deep, being a digital nomad might not be the choice for you.

Sacrifice Ergonomic Office Equipments

The stunning view of Edinburgh in Spring & a minimal work station

I found it extremely difficult to work on a laptop without an ergonomic chair, a monitor and a keyboard because I might need to sit in front of my…

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